I wonder…

I was walking around my school today, I couldn’t help but see how many different kinds of people there are, in not just ages but in personalities, the individuals who like to hang in small groups around corners and out of the way, and those who stand in large crowds speaking and gossiping about ‘what they said on bbm’ and ‘what they said when they jibbed her’ and things like that. I also couldn’t help but smile at it because we as kids have formed, without us really noticing, groups of the people we are most like, and familiar with and it hasn’t really changed throughout generations! There is less of the bullying perhaps but still the same groups, not necessarily, footballers, cheerleaders and geeks, but friends who share the same personalities! And personally I have a small group of friends and I love having only four people I can really hang out with and have fun! Please comment on what sort of group your in! Thanks for reading! 🙂


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