Music today, and the music then!

You know, no matter how much you say it, you know musics changed! I listen to classics, not the violin kind of stuff, but classics, like in the 80’s and 90’s, and suprisingly (to you) I’m only thirteen! In my opinion, I really don’t like much music made today anyway, I know a lot of our generation have adapted to music now! You might love rapping, you might love dubstep! But did such things exist then? Take Nicki Minaj, a very successful woman, but makes music and songs that might, just no appeal to so many people. For example she made a song and excuse my language but ‘You a stupid hoe’ but what makes me just cringe at stuff like this is five year olds, yes, kind of random, but when I was five I grew up with Stereophonics, I grew up with Beetles, Mariah Carey and now bands like Snow Patrol and the killers. Personally I like people who sing! Because thats what songs are meant to be, the music and the voice, or just the music or even just the voice. Please comment what you think about music, and please watch you language otherwise I have to remove it! Please! Thank you so much for reading!


The Beginning

Hello! My name is Rowanne. Most people have signed up for this because they love blogging, they love being creative, well me too! I’m here to blog till I drop about us. Now you have to admit we all love attention, and love to be the focus, but I’m here to talk about whats effecting you, it may sound boring, but how many times have you said before ‘ugh, that sounds boring?’ and then it turned out really good? Well, lets take this as one of those times! So please keep reading my blogs! I love to talk about cultures, fashion, gaming, technology, books, school, jobs, food, people and then some! Keep reading my fellow bloggers or readers, for this big list of stuff! Talk to you soon and feel free to leave a subject you want me to talk about! -Rowanne 🙂